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 ∙ tattoo passes ∙

A tattoo pass is the artist's blessing, permission, and consent, granting you and the tattooist the legal permission to rightfully reproduce the selected artwork in the form of a tattoo.

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​Non-repeatable Flash:

  • Price: $60/design

  • Non-repeatable flash means there is only one of each design available.

  • You only have permission for one-time use of the purchased work. If you would like more than one design, please purchase additional tattoo passes.

  • Please visit my shop to view available designs or email me for custom works.

Custom Teenybotanist Tattoos:

  • Price: $120/design

  • This price includes 3 edits, and a charge of $5 will be made for every edit after.

  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be taken before the process begins, and will go towards the final cost of your design.

  • Black and white line drawings only. I am primarily interested in drawing nude figures and botanicals, but I'd love to hear your ideas! 

  • Please email me details on the design with reference photos.

  • If you would like to customize one of my existing flash works, please send images of the design and information on what you'd like to see.


​What I receive:

  • You receive emailed proof of payment, which you can show your tattooist upon booking your session.


What I do not receive:

  • You do not receive a physical item, or have permission to use the artwork in any other way.​


Why do I need a tattoo pass:

  • Ethically, morally, and legally.

  • By purchasing a tattoo pass, you are crediting the artist and financially compensating them for their work, time, and creative ability.

  • Use of artwork without permission and compensation is considered stealing.

  • Please do not carry stolen work on your body.​


Why do I charge for edits?

  • You want to be happy with the work you are placing on your body. By having a fee for additional edits, this encourages you to get clear on what you'd like to see, and also compensates me for my time.

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